decision time

Post #6

Originally, I had intended to try to stay close to the size of my original sketch for this piece.  But, one of the things I’ve found with crewel, and specifically in working with wool instead of cotton floss, is that I need to work a bit larger!  Overall, the size of the elements in the sketch are on the small-ish side, and I think, will “crowd” me (for lack of a better term) when stitching with wool. So, I opted to enlarge the design somewhat… but still keep the stitched area within  8″ wide by around 19″ high.

So, after taking into consideration my desire to add a border, I decided to move my sketching to graph paper. Almost immediately, I was pretty sure I was going to have to let go of one of the things I really wanted to incorporate: the pennant shape of the bellpull bottom.  I just couldn’t make the diamond pattern work within the diagonal areas…

I drew and re-drew.  I sized and re-sized.  I fussed and fretted.  Then, for a short time, I weighed which I wanted more: the diamond pattern *or* the pennant shape.  Finally, I chose to abandon the pointed bottom, and squared it off instead, maintaining the straightforward diamond pattern throughout the entire border.  Of course, it still remains to be seen if I’ll be able to execute the border in a way I’ll like… but I’ll cross that bridge (or not) when I get to it.

As it turns out, changing the bottom did have an unintended good consequence:  more room for interesting extra flowery bits at the bottom of the design. 🙂

I realize at this point that the design may be a bit too complicated… but you know how *that* goes. 😉

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5 Responses to decision time

  1. Jo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Teresa. I’m catching up on blog reading, and Humingbird is lovely.. might have to stitch that when I finish Fantasy Triptych… which might happen tomorrow if I ignore the housework 😉

  2. twentzler says:

    Thanks for commenting, ladies!

    I had to giggle, Fiona… that you finished the weekend with an easy dance just to prove you could! It’s sometimes difficult to be true to one’s creative muse, isn’t it? Hang in there!

  3. Fiona says:

    sigh I can relate…..I called a workshop of my own dances last w/e: someone commented (complained?) that I write very difficult dances :(. I pointed out that that’s what workshops are for – then finished the w/e with a very easy one just to prove I can.

  4. LadyDoc says:

    I am enjoying reading your thought processes. The design looks wonderful!

  5. Shirley Crockett says:

    The design is just beautiful, Teresa!

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