Well, I’m liking the colors I’ve chosen so far… that is to say, I like them  in their watercolor incarnations.  (Funny how the watercolors photograph much truer than the actual wool colors!)  How the colors will translate to wool and stitches is probably an entirely different matter.  But, at least by doing this study, I’m getting a very good idea how the colors can be distributed within the design:

The border threatens to overwhelm unless treated rather simply.  I decided on tinting the diamonds as if they were tiles, and applying simple low-intensity washes of the colors used within the design.  How will that translate to wool?  Not sure.  I’m toying with the idea of simple laid-work fillings for the diamonds.  I’m anxious to start experimenting with stitches!

One other bit of news. For those who may be interested, all of my designs at PatternsOnLine.com will be 15% off regular price December 1st through the 14th.  Happy shopping!

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11 Responses to water-color-y

  1. twentzler says:

    I’m back from my annual Christmas get-together-with-friends weekend (formerly known as The Great Cookie Bake weekend)…
    Thank you so much for your comments, everyone! And I really appreciate your suggestions for possible ’tile’ stitches; some experimentation will definitely be required!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh my, how lovely! The flowers are beautiful and the border done as tiles is inspired! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Shirley Crockett says:

    Simply beautiful, Teresa!!


  4. Fiona says:

    This would make the most stunning wall panel in ceramics!!! It’s just the sort of thing we’ve seen in southern Spain 🙂

    Fiona (who could do with some Spanish sunshine right now in place of the 6 inches of cold white stuff that someone’s thrown over the garden…)

    • Fiona says:

      Maybe the tiles could be done in cottons to give a flatter texture to the background and so give the wool its due prominence?

  5. Ternezia says:

    Very nice coloring 🙂 Wonder how it will look with the wool colors (seems they should come out brighter than the watercolor, judging from your floss photo).

  6. Erica says:

    Oh Wow! Love this soooo much!

    I really like the idea of tiles surrounding the flowers and how simply they’ll frame the whole thing. Translating that simplicity to wool will be a challenge I think – but I don’t doubt you’ll come up with just the thing. I wonder if a simple scotch stitch would be simple enough or would it be too textural? Food for thought at any rate!

  7. Jo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – I wish I had a single ounce of your talent!!!

  8. Annette says:

    Love. The. Border.

    Yes, the flowers and greenery are nice and all, but the tiles? OMG. Love this!!

  9. Christine says:

    Love the border.

    I wonder if the issue with colour reproduction has to do with the “flat” colour of the water-coloured painted version, vs the 3D stitched version where the bits of the wool refract and reflect in all sorts of different directions.

  10. This is so beautiful with the colours!!!! I think that your tile idea for the border is very ingenious!!! I like it very much! It gives a classy yet modern look to the design. I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out with wool!

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