what’s old is new… sortof

For those of you collecting my older patterns, or who missed out on the first Best of TW Fantasy Collection book, I just finished re-charting another design from that collection. Rapunzel is finally available at PatternsOnLine.com.

The remaining design from the book, Castle Sampler, is now in the re-charting queue.  Since it’s bigger and more complex, it will take quite a while, so I don’t have an estimate on when it will be available.

Otherwise, things have been very quiet on the needlework front. There just isn’t much extra time for stitching these days.  I am following some of the many needlework blogs out there… but because of my dial-up connection, my online time (and ability to participate therein) is still frustratingly limited.  But there is a bit of good news in that department:  We have been told that high-speed internet should make it to our corner of the world sometime this summer!  YAY!

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5 Responses to what’s old is new… sortof

  1. There are a number of your older patterns that I’d love to have in electronic format. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that tedious conversion.

    • Christine, I’m glad to hear you like the electronic format… it’s still a rather new sort of idea for cross-stitch patterns, and POL was ahead of their time when they first opened their website. It’s taking some time, but it’s my hope that the re-charts I’m doing now will help keep my designs available to stitchers who might want them for many years to come. Thanks for commenting!

      • I like electronic format patterns because I can usually print how I want – expand and print large or contract so that I can get more on a page. Usually easier to read than old, hand-done patterns, of course.
        I do understand the problems of “sharing” but I do not do that. I make my living writing software, so understand copyright, and comply.

  2. It’s so good to hear from you!! I understand your pain about dial-up internet!!! We live in the countryside too and high-speed has been available only 6 months ago. As a freelance translator, that has changed my life!!!!!

    Thank you so much for taking time to re-chart your older designs. I have most of them but I know that several people are looking for them! I’m working on your Byzantine Ornaments series right now and I’ll continue with the Fruits Ornaments later this year. Each time I work on one of your design, I marvel at the colour choices. It’s such a feeling of harmony and of “just right”. It’s so relaxing and satisfying. I’m trying to finish a much simple design for my baby girl (8 colours and very simple lines) and I get so frustrated!!! Can’t wait to finish it and concentrate only on your ornaments!!!

    Also, I now you have tried crewel embroidery some years ago. Have you ever tried “long and short stitch” embroidery, like the work by Trish Burr? I love her botanical arts and the technique seems so appropriate for animal arts. We have such lovely fur wildlife and birds, here in Quebec, that would be marvellous to stitch with this technique.

    Take care and I hope to read more news about you soon!

    Catherine from Bury, QC

    • Hi, Catherine! It is my hope that eventually I’ll be able to make *all* of my designs available via POL… but who knows what the future might hold? 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the Byzantine ornaments; they were fun to design. You mentioned Trish Burr… I’m a big fan and follow her blog. Her work is truly breathtaking. I’ve done only a little long and short stitch, but it was in wool while I was dabbling in crewel work before my hands started giving me fits. Thanks for commenting!

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