I feel your pain

Just so you know, in re-charting Peacock Tapestry for release on PatternsOnLine, I definitely understood your PLF (pear leaf frustration).  😉

So, I did a separate backstitch chart, so you can see those dratted leaves better.  And the pears are indicated with gray backstitch lines so there will be no doubt as to whether the leaves are in front, or the pears.  I hope it will make stitching this monster easier.

The resulting .pdf file is huge (27 pages), but I also made the chart big enough that you shouldn’t need to make enlargements.

Those of you who were hoping for color coded backstitch: I’m sorry, my software simply doesn’t support color, so I hope the separate backstitch chart will dull the pain somewhat.

Thanks for your patience!

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17 Responses to I feel your pain

  1. Debbie says:

    Help! I have the Lady of Shalott cross-stitch almost completed but the flower leaves in her tapestry have a brown color in them that I think should be green according to the picture on the cover of the kit. What color green should I replace this with or should they be left partly brown? If I do leave them a green/brown color, what color should I outline it with?

  2. Thank you all for posting. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm. A couple stitchers have found some color code errors, and I have corrected them (Hopefully, there won’t be more of them, but you never know.)… I’ve done a separate post listing the corrections.

  3. Lynnette Winkelman says:

    Teresa: I found a couple of errors in the new key chart that do not correspond to the old key. I will try to make it as simple as I can. On the new chart the symbol (-) 3013/3053 is correct. (6) should be 3052/3012 (according to the original chart); the next symbol below 6 should be 3051/3011. (upside down u) which is missing should be 523/3053 and (e) which is missing should be 3363/3052. From (:) 3047 everything is correct. I hope this is clear.

  4. MaryAnnNC says:

    Another THANK YOU! 🙂 I have the original printed chart along with the backstitch chart from Leisure Arts. As soon as I get my act together I plan to purchase and download a copy from POL. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making the chart affordable.

    What’s next on the list?

    Mary Ann in NC

  5. Thank you so much, Teresa!!! You did it so fast!! I’m really grateful of your generosity!

  6. Maria says:

    Fantastic! On my way to download it now! Thank you.

  7. Jenny says:

    Ordered, downloading viewer and will print all 27 pages at work tomorrow! Yay and so super quick, how is that possible! Thank you Teresa, you really are a marvel, now just waiting on Illuminata 😉

  8. Jan1228 says:

    Thank You Teresa!!! Now I won’t go blind trying to puzzle out my hand drawn kit chart from 1992. I don’t suppose you could add “Fantasy Triptych” to your re-charting list????

    • Jan, Fantasy Triptych is one of the designs I will be releasing eventually… I will definitely be tweaking it to make the chart sections larger, and the backstitching more clear. I know the chart(s) in the Best of TW Fantasy Collection vol 2 left quite a lot to be desired.

  9. Then I took a my dark pens and outlined the backstitching. I used different colors for outlining the branch, pears, and leaves because they overlap in certain areas. I do all the deciphering at this point – deciding if a leaf is in front of or behind a pear, that way I don’t have to figure it out when I start stitching. I don’t spend too much time agonizing over whether, when a pear and leave intersect, the pear should be dominant or the leaf, because it ultimately doesn’t matter – no one will notice but you.

  10. Dima says:

    Ms. Wentzler, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for making this available so fast 🙂 I can’t wait for the SAL to start in May.

  11. Teresa, I’m so happy with the re-charted Peacock Tapestry, which I purchased and downloaded as soon as I read this post. It printed out beautifully, and I’m confident I can follow the chart without problems. Luckily I’m one of the odd stitchers who doesn’t mind backstitching! It will be a bit before I can start this one, but in the meantime, I can set up my shopping list and study the pattern. Thank you!

  12. Zeusgirl says:

    Thanks, Teresa. I am so, so looking forward to the compute generated chart!

  13. Lynnette Winkelman says:

    Thank You! Thank You! I was so excited to get the new chart of Peacock Tapestry and the backstitching for the leaves and pears are fantastic. I can’t wait to get to my unfinished one and get it done after all these years. Thank you again for getting it done so fast.

    Lynnette Winkelman

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