corrections (of course!)

As is always the case, I have made some errors in the Peacock Tapestry re-chart. I’m posting them here so they are easy for those who have purchased the chart via POL to make note of them. I’ve already uploaded a corrected file to POL, so there should only be 18 people scratching their heads because of my boo-boos in the color code.

They are as follows:

The symbol “6” should be: DMC blend 3012/3052.
The symbol “black upside down triangle” should be DMC blend 3011/3051.
The symbol “upside down U” was omitted from the code. It should be DMC blend 523/3053.
The symbol “e” was also omitted from the code. It should be DMC blend 3052/3363.

Also, the symbol “black square” should be: DMC blend 645/3787/3790.

Please note that there are still two symbols for the DMC blend 3052/3363 (“Z” and “e”)

My sincere apologies for these oversights, and I hope they haven’t caused too much confusion/frustration. Many thanks to those eagle-eyed stitchers who have brought the errors to my attention so quickly! I am very grateful!

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6 Responses to corrections (of course!)

  1. Marlene Owen says:

    It is nice to know that I will be able to get the information I need to finish Castle Ridge. But I have to go on and cannot get onto the site.I am trying from England, but that should’nt make any difference should it?

    • Marlene, I’ve e-mailed you.

      • Marlene Owen says:

        Hello Teresa I have been in touch with patternsonline and thet are concerned about the copyright and are getting back in touch with you. So its stalemate at the moment. Will leave it with you, sorry to be a nuisance, will wait to hear from you or them. Marlene Owen re Castle Ridge amendments

  2. Alexandra says:

    Teresa, thank you for your “Peacock Tapestry” I’ve made it two years ago and taken lot of pleasure stitching it 🙂

  3. Teresa, thanks for the update. I went to PatternsOnline and was able to download my file again, and when it opened, I had the corrected key. Is this the only page that changed, or should I re-print the entire chart?

    • Only the first two pages have changes… and the second page is changed only in that two of the symbols that were on the first page were shifted to page 2. So far, the rest of the pattern seems to be OK.

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