fruity goodness

I’ve been diligently working away (and hopefully, proofing more carefully!), and have finished the next Leisure Arts design(s) on the re-release list:

The Cloisonné Fruit Ornaments are now available at PatternsOnLine.

Next up: one of the Seasonal Carousel Horses… not sure which one, but it won’t be as fast, unfortunately. They require total re-charting.  I may need to sneak in another less labor-intensive release between the horses… for my sanity’s sake. 😉

Thanks, everybody!

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8 Responses to fruity goodness

  1. Joni P says:

    Dear Teresa, I am so happy you released the Cloisonne Fruit ornament so quickly. I have wanted them for years, but been unable to find them. I am going to stitch them as a bellpull since I don’t have a Christmas tree. And some of my friends who do celebrate Christmas could wind up with an extra-special gift this year. Thank you very much.

    As a general comment on recharting, I have noticed some people asking you for color-coded backstitching in the charts. Please don’t do this! I have an aversion to color charting in general. As a practical matter, I don’t have a color printer, so it would be very difficult for me to see the different colors on my working copy. I suspect other people might have the latter problem as well.

    Take care and thanks again.

  2. Zeusgirl says:

    You know, when you announced that LA had given you permission to sell the OOP designs through POL, I thought it would be months and months before they were available.

    Needless to say, I’m so thrilled and grateful that you’ve already been able to release the two designs at the top of my wish list!!

  3. Galhenat says:

    Someone is very busy… 😉 That might also explain the lack of updates on your art blog.
    Just out of curiosity, what do you do when recharting? Fixing any known errors I suppose, but does the design really gets altered? I just envisioned recharting as “typing” the handdrawn chart into a charting program and nothing more. It seems that I am wrong in thinking that it is this simple?
    Do you want to share which charting program you use? From previous posts I recall a program that seemed to be more a drawing than a charting program, or was that only for designing?
    BTW, those handwritten charts, are they in your handwriting or did you delegate? 🙂 I always wondered about that.
    Thanks in advance for your reply,


  4. Jan Jones says:

    Thank you Teresa!!! The Cloisonné Fruit Ornaments are one of the charts I couldn’t get for my collection until now.

  5. Lynn Hull says:

    Teresa, This wonderful. Good to see you back and charting. Currently I am doing the Summer Carousel Horse. So beautiful….I’m doing it on a hand dyed fabric just to be different

    • Lynn, Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Summer horse. I’d love to see your piece when it’s finished; hand-dyed fabrics can add so much to a design!

      • Lynn Hull says:

        teresa, I am about three quarters done with the actual stitching but I’m dreading all the backstitching. But it’s a wonderful chart and I love fantasy and horses. Will definetly send you a picture

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