the lady and her mirror

While I was without a computer that could access the internet… (and a scanner and a printer), I decided to make some productive use of my time, and re-formatted/edited “The Lady of Shalott” on my old faithful ancient Mac laptop.

Lady of Shalott

The Lady is now available via

The Fall carousel horse was supposed to be released before the Lady, but I needed a scanner to aid in the re-charting.  Apologies!!

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7 Responses to the lady and her mirror

  1. Jan Jones says:

    Yeah!!!! …Throws confetti in the air…. Even though I have the original hand drawn chart, it’s nice to get my hands on a computer re-charted copy for the more readable backstitch lines. Thanks Teresa 🙂

  2. Irene says:

    I have added her to my wish list. Like Lynn, I love the border (although it was dragons which first drew me to your designs).

  3. Lynn Hull says:

    well for some reason picture did not make it

  4. Lynn Hull says:

    Teresa, This lady of Shalott is just beautiful. I have this chart and love the border. I wish actually I could stitch everyone of your charts, They are that awesome. have included a picture of my Summer Carousel horse. Keep on charting as your work is so exquisite and your borders are wonderful they are what drew me to your charts. Remind me of the borders on some of the very old books and bibles

    Lynne in NC live life to the fullest

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