Fall is finished

Just a quick post to let you know that another of the seasonal carousel horses, Fall, is now available at PatternsOnLine.com.

Until Leisure Arts sells out the Best of TW Christmas Collection book, and gives me permission to release the “Winter” horse, this will be the end of the equines for now.

Next on the re-chart schedule as per your requests: Guardian.

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4 Responses to Fall is finished

  1. Bracken says:

    I’d also like to know how you decide whether to design over one stitching for say faces as opposed to over two stitching. (I know you do over one in more than faces.)I noticed a post that asked f anyone had charted an over one for the face of the faerie in MN. It made me think I could give it a go, but I already done the face in over two and was happy with it. And now I feel if I had it would have distracted the eye from the wings of the pegasei. I know that MN is an older chart. So is it on the much older ones only that you haven’t designed over one or does each chart speak for itself. at design time.

    • Bracken, thanks for your comment, and for your question. You are exactly right about the older designs not having over-one in them. I really didn’t start adding over-one portions to my designs until later on. Magical Night is definitely from the early part of my design career. Would I design the face for over-one now? Probably. 🙂

  2. Galhenat says:

    Kind of off topic, but when you’re stuck for something to blog about may I suggest a continuation of the design process series? I was browsing through the blog and came across the last post about it and the story is still pre-charting stage.

    Not that I want time taken away from recharting or from Illuminata (hint, hint 😉 ) but it was interesting and now it’s stuck halfway…

    • Galhenat, Thanks for commenting! I know I left the design process series hanging; life changed drastically, and I just ever got back to it. But I do hope to return to it eventually. Thanks for the reminder!

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