Fruit Bellpull

As I was updating website pages to reflect the fact that Fruit Bellpull is now available at

Fruit Bellpull

I saw that this design was first published in June 1994?!  Good grief, where does the time go?

Hopefully, the many errors/inconsistencies/goof-ups that have plagued this design since it’s first release have now all been addressed in this version.  Cross your fingers.

Next up for re-chart according to your requests will be the seasonal faeries.  (Like the Winter carousel horse, however, the Winter Faerie will have to wait until The Best of TW Christmas Collection designs are OK’d for release on POL.)  So, I’ll probably start with the Spring Faerie.

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  1. sandrajean says:

    Thank you for this notice about the fruit bellpull. I am presently working on the floral bellpull and will do the fruit next……………thanks, sandrajean.

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