Needles of a different sort

Normally I use tapestry needles (for cross stitch)… sometimes sharps (for crewel work).  And then, every once in awhile, when the spirit moves me, I break out the big guns: my knitting needles!

Well, the spirit struck about a week ago whilst I was perusing and looking through the knitting patterns section. (If you haven’t visited, and have even a passing interest in knitting/crocheting, you *so* should!)

A long time ago, I purchased enough cotton yarn to make a summer-weight sweater, and despite my best intentions, I never really got past the knitting-a-gauge-swatch point.

Then I found this:

Lace and Cable Cardigan by Patons

This is the link to the pattern on the Patons website.

Miracle of miracles, the yarn I have is the proper weight, my needles gave me the correct gauge, and I was off to the races.  Plus I love knitting cables and the lacework is pretty simple…  And, oh yeah, the pattern is FREE.

This is what I have so far:

Lace and Cable Cardigan: back

and a close-up:

a pattern repeat is 12 rows

Hopefully, things will continue to move along smoothly. 😉

A couple more words about  Registering is free, and it truly is an amazing resource; lots and lots of creative people sharing their expertise, experiences and projects.  Very inspiring!

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5 Responses to Needles of a different sort

  1. craftyland says:

    Lovely! I love Ravelry too. One of my favorite places!

  2. Audrey, WG, and Yekaterina: Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting!

  3. Looks very cozy! Thank you for sharing.

  4. WG says:

    Aw… that’s *SO* Pretty. I may have to try that pattern myself at some point.

  5. Audrey Davis says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing

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