Crewel thoughts

One of the cool things about having a blog is the statistical information the provider  generates.  I think the stat that fascinates me most is one that shows which posts are viewed most often.

Lately, many people who are visiting this blog are viewing the post titled “stitches“.  It features a small crewel piece I designed exclusively for a CreativFestival class a few years ago; the stitches in the image are labelled. I’m not sure whether people like the design or they are interested in what some crewel stitches look like.  Either way, however, there seems to be a bit of interest in crewel embroidery.

For the last while, I’ve been thinking a lot about crewel and about how much I truly enjoyed designing that piece.  I’ve been mining through Pinterest (yes, I’m hooked!) seeking out examples of crewel, jacobean (and other) embroidery.  I  started a board, pinning examples of fascinating embroidery. Very inspiring!

I subscribe to, Mary Corbet’s incredibly inspiring and informative needlework blog.  Currently, she is working on an amazing  crewel piece, and is documenting the journey.

I also dug out the bellpull piece I had begun designing and about which I had been blogging.  In re-reading the posts about the process and your comments, I started to feel very bad indeed about stopping in the middle of things, but also inspired to move ahead with it.

So I’m resuming work on the piece (hopefully, my hands will cooperate).

Specifics in the next post…

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11 Responses to Crewel thoughts

  1. Melissa Gann says:

    I had pinned that image on my Pinterest board some time back when I was starting to get interested in crewel. I’m still interested in it, just haven’t done much with it yet, I like both the design and the fact that you labeled the stitches! 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    and of course, I’m sure you realize that by commenting on the traffic that post got recently, it will now get even more! 🙂

  3. Jan1228 says:

    And what of Illuminata and old World Map. Will they ever feel your attention again? I have been patiently waiting for YEARS for any progress on these.

    • Jan! I still have Illuminata set up on a frame in my studio… unfortunately, I just don’t have room to work on it in the house during the winter (too much art stuff in the room I use now!). I’m hoping to get back to it once I can move back into the studio in May. Old World Map, however, you can cross off the list: that one I won’t get to. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Robin in DeSoto says:

    I’ve done crewel in the past and enjoyed it, so the possibility of a design of yours for crewel is exciting! By the way–I love Mary’s blog, too, reading it is a always a bright spot in my day. Her Secret Garden project is making my fingers itch to stitch along, but I’m still working to master the tambour embroidery she has me addicted to after her series late last year.

  5. Lisa says:

    I’ve always hoped you’d release the crewel piece to the public. *hint* 🙂

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