Noah’s Ark

Just a fast update: The Noah’s Ark re-chart is now complete, and the design is finally available at

Noah’s Ark cross stitch design

Thanks for your patience!

Thought I might add a couple of pointers for this design…

Personally, I wouldn’t stitch this design on a fabric finer than 28 count.  In fact, I would probably use something like 25 count Lugana for this reason:  the little over-one animals are pretty involved and there’s a lot of detail in them.  It becomes frustrating to stitch over-one on 28 count fabric when backstitching is needed, unless you are very comfortable stitching that tiny.  If you are a novice stitcher, or have never done over-one stitching before, I would definitely recommend something like the 25-count Lugana for this design.

Also, since this piece incorporates both over-one and over-two stitching AND specialty stitches, it cannot be successfully stitched on aida fabrics; you must use a linen-type evenweave for good results.

Happy Stitching!

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