As requested by your votes, Tradewinds has been re-charted and  is now available via

Fruit and Floral Wreaths will be next, followed by Diamonds in Squares.

Thanks for your input, everyone!

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7 Responses to Tradewinds

  1. Myst says:

    How about the A Touch of Holly ornaments? Any chance JCS would allow them to be re-charted for PoL?

  2. Haidee Sell says:

    this kind of really, really sucks when you live in Australia and have no way to get to any or classes (pouting now)

  3. Thank you. I vote for Compass Rose to be available at PoL. I have that pattern, but have MANY people ask me about it, and PoL has a number of patterns with speciality stitches now, even including some knitting patterns!

    • Hi Christine, Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Cutwork Compass Rose was an exclusive design ONLY for those students who attended that specific class in Toronto. Many of my designs released on POL contain specialty stitches, so that is not an issue. I simply would not feel right about releasing the design for sale now; I promised it would remain exclusive.

      • Ah ok. I have no recollection of that. All of the patterns were exclusive for some time. I didn’t realize that it was to be permanently exclusive. Same with Sparkling Hearts and Cutwork Odyssey?

      • No problem, Christine. Yes, there are a handful of other designs which will remain totally exclusive, including Sparkling Hearts and Overdyed (Cutwork) Odyssey.

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