Making hay while the sun shines

It’s a saying farmers use… because as sure as there’s freshly mown hay laying in the field, chances are that rain will come soon.  So you’d best take advantage of the sunny weather while you can, and get it brought in before the rain.

The same saying is appropriate for me presently: I’ve got roughly a month before I head back to work at my seasonal job, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

It’s been bugging me that Illuminata has been languishing for so long, so I’m working on it again.  Here are a couple shots of my studio set-up:

Because the project is so large and there’s so much floss; I’m glad I have a spot to spread everything out so I can grab whatever I need.  Yes, the chair swivels and has coasters. 😉 You can see from the photo that I haven’t really progressed much stitching-wise.  I estimate it’s about 2/3 finished.

Like I said: there’s a lot of floss.  Not all of those colors have been used yet, but probably will be.  I’m pretty amazed that during the many years the marathon’s been in process, I haven’t lost the all-important floss tally sheet.

Presently, I’m designing the cloister garden scene at the bottom of the piece.  It’s got both over-one and over-two stitching so far.  Maybe a screen shot from my computer next time…

Keep a good thought!

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18 Responses to Making hay while the sun shines

  1. thegreytail says:

    oh, thank you for this shot! I was wondering how you kept track of all you need and the relative notes on a design that has been in the making for quite some time now 😉
    no wonder it’s taking you forever to get it finished, it’s a giant Behemoth! but I promise you, I will embark in the giant Behemoth adventure as soon as you end yours. us stitchers get the “for dummies” version anyways, all the hard work is in your hands! ❤️

  2. Alexandra says:

    Дорогая Тереза, большое Вам спасибо за Ваши прекрасные работы. Они похожи на сказку. Я давно влюблена в Вас и Ваши работы ))) Здоровья и удачи, чтобы рождались новые сказки.
    Ваши российские поклонники ждут новых работ. Надеемся, мы сможем купить эту красоту.

    Dear Teresa, thank you very much for your excellent work. They are like a fairy tale. I’ve been in love with you and your work))) Health and good luck to be born a new tale.
    Russian fans are waiting for your new works. We hope we will be able to buy this beauty.

  3. Thanks so much everyone! I’ll do my best to get as much done as I can… I’m also still doing some re-charting and some drawing, but your feedback is so encouraging; I’m very, very grateful for all of your support!

  4. rifestitch says:

    I CAN”T WAIT! Though I have to admit those Lazy Daisies are going to be the death of me when I get to them 🙂 I am happy that you are working on this again – it will be wonderful!

  5. Joanne P says:

    What a privilege to see the design process. This looks like such a amazing project. I can see from the older link that there is a dragon on there too! I do hope you continue to enjoy this project so we can all join in!

  6. What I can see looks gorgeous. I am looking forward to the publication of this design. I will be stitchig it. I hope you are having a wonderful time designing it.

  7. Kat Hoover says:

    Happy Dancing! You are so organized! This one will be worth the wait….thanks for sharing!

  8. Maria Eliseeva says:

    What a lovely post! Cant wait for the pattern release! I’ ll order it immediately and start the project 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on xsfav14 and commented:
    So excited to hear it is still progressing! Will wait as long as it takes to buy this one!

  10. Terry says:

    Oh, you’ve really got me drooling all over my pc now! Enjoy the process…. I don’t have the creativity that you’ve got, so I can wait for as long as you want to work on this beautiful piece.

  11. I love seeing you at work on what is truly important ❤

  12. Betty says:


  13. Irene says:

    Thank you for the sneak peak! It’s always interesting to see other people’s work spaces.

  14. suzemo says:

    Huzzah! love the progress and I love seeing the space you create in!

  15. Jenny says:

    I’ve zoomed right in on that pic with Illuminata, it looks stunning!!!! Once you are done, I’ll be ordering it and everything else, and I mean everything! will get cast aside to work on this!

  16. Deb says:

    Love what I can see of your design!

  17. Fiona Birchall says:

    Oh, how lovely! I hope you feel serene at having picked it up again, rather than ‘Oh, I suppose I’d better….’ You never know, maybe when this is available I might start stitching again 😉 Hugs!

  18. Ann says:

    You get ALL of the good thoughts. I love the shot of the floor stand… what’s there is so pretty!
    And thanks for sharing what your designing workspace looks like – I’ve always wondered what the setup was when you’re designing.

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