Fantasy Triptych

The last of the designs released to me by Leisure Arts for release on Patterns Online is now available:  Fantasy Triptych

Fantasy Triptych

My next step is to request temporary digital rights from Leisure Arts for the designs in the discontinued Best of TW Christmas Collection book.  Wish me luck!

And in case anyone may still be considering acquiring any of the Appleton crewel wool I wrote about awhile ago, most of it is still available!  Please contact me directly if interested.

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12 Responses to Fantasy Triptych

  1. Galhenat says:

    A new post, that’s a pleasant surprise. 😀
    You mention temporary digital rights, how should I see that? Temporary as in bridging the gap until you get the “real” rights back? Or digital rights (POL, I’m guessing) as in available for just five years and then going back to being unavailable? Other options?
    Just curious (as always).
    Good to hear some news, it has been dull in needlework land. Extremely dull.
    I hope you are doing well.

    • Hey there! 🙂 By temporary digital rights I mean that Leisure Arts has granted permission to allow design releases via POL only, for an indeterminate time. LA also has a digital download service, so it’s conceivable that they may eventually decide the designs will be released via their own platform. I simply don’t know. I am not seeking the return of “print” rights… that ship sailed long ago.
      Thanks for dropping by and for commenting!

      • Galhenat says:

        Hiya back! Thank you for the reply, now I understand. 🙂 I hope you’ll succeed, I think it’s friendlier to have the patterns still available somewhere, instead of having record asking prices for paper versions of them on E-bay. I still remember the Angel Procession madness.
        Thanks again for the reply and I hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Letha Welch says:

    It’s about time! Love from Letha!

  3. xinef82 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to convert these old charts.

  4. J Nyeholt says:

    Such beautiful designs! You are my favorite needle art designer! Best wishes!

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