New Year Wishes

It’s been a long year: extraordinary in so many ways both wonderful and… well…not-so-much.  Mostly for me though, I’m just ready (as I always am), to bid this tired old year adieu! and to look forward to beginning the new year afresh.

That said, I have had to make a difficult decision for the new year.  Unfortunately, arthritis has advanced to the stage where I can’t hold onto a needle for more than a couple minutes at a time.  Since I have to stitch what I design or there’s no joy in it for me, I’ve had to face facts and give up on designs I had harbored hopes of finishing… including Illuminata, and the crewel designs I had started.  It’s simply beyond my ability now.  A tough pill to swallow: not just my physical limitation, but more distressing: the disappointment to loyal stitchers who’ve been patiently waiting for designs in process.  I’m so sorry.

I do plan to continue making re-charts of my older designs available through PatternsOnline  as long as Leisure Arts allows, and as long as my trusty old Mac laptop functions!   I will also make every effort keep the  TWDesignworks website in place for as long as patterns are available. This blog will also stay for now.

Please know that I am so very grateful to all of you who have supported my designing efforts over the last (Egad!?) 30 years.  It has been a truly amazing journey, such a joy and an honor to have had the opportunity to design for you!  “Thank you” seems wildly inadequate… but here goes anyway: Thank you!

My fondest wish is that this post finds you looking forward to 2017, no matter what challenges may be ahead!  May you find all you hope for and more!

Happy New Year!

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back to the grind

I’m back at my seasonal job, so will be mostly offline for the next while.

Hope you’ll all have a wonderful summer and fall.

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Tapestry Cat

Just a quick note to let you know that Tapestry Cat has been re-charted and is now available at

Tapestry Cat

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Diamonds in Squares

Finally.  After a very long season, my full-time job is finished… for now.  And I’m back to work doing creative stuff. 🙂

The latest re-chart is finished and now available at PatternsOnLineDiamonds in Squares

Diamonds in Squares

The colors in this scan are a bit washed out… however, they are closer to accurate than the image that originally appeared in this post (which had a definite pink cast).  My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused!

I’m hoping to get back to Illuminata very soon as well.  Thanks for your patience.

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Full view

As requested… because you have all been so patient for so many years now…

Sorry, there’s a shadow on the left side… the sun was coming in the window.  There’s stitching detail that’s not visible in the image: the gold lazy daisy leaves are gold braid, the dragon wings are veined with the same, and the large “T” is couched with it as well.

The design is about 2/3 finished… the vine border will be embellished with Magnifica beads in a dark blue and deep cranberry.  I’m not sure what background for the walled city…I’m thinking a seascape for some reason.  The bird in the “To” block will be colorful: warm tones for contrast against the blue background.  The dragons get lots of embellishment yet… they look very bald!  The cloister scene border gets beads as well.

The size is 14-1/2″ W  X  21-3/4″H  The fabric is 28-count cream Glasgow linen.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Well… I wish I could say I’ve been busily stitching away during this past week.  Alas, that is not the case.

My seasonal job has started a bit earlier this year, and I’ve been too tired at the end of the day to make a single stitch.

However, I can update you on what happened after my last post.  I stitched enough of what I had charted to realize that I had made too many color choices/changes within the masonry areas; these will be simplified. (I can hear the sighs of relief! LOL)  And the shadow area was too dark; I will be dropping the darkest shades when I get back to some designing.

So, I ripped out the offending colors. And that’s as far as I got. I’ll do my best to try to squeeze in some designing/stitching when I can…  Many thanks to all who have stopped by and to those who have commented: I appreciate your continued interest in this project!

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Moment of truth

Sorry for the pause… I was under the weather for a few days.

I did finally manage to design enough of the corner of the scene to feel I should stop and actually do some stitching to make sure of my color choices:

A little note: I’m planning to add flowers to the greenery… but I’m not happy with how it looks with just plain cross stitches on the computer screen.  So I’ll be experimenting as I stitch.   Now that I’d like to do some stitching,  I need the color symbols translated into black and white glyphs so I can print it out and read it. (I can’t stitch from a computer screen.  I’ve tried, trust me.)

Because this piece is so huge, I’ve broken it up into various areas so I can work with smaller “satellite” files as I design.  I love my little G4, but alas, it is slow with gargantuan files.  I have a file for the city scene at the top of the piece.  I have one for the lettering.  I have this one for the cloister scene, and so forth.  But,  I do have a main file in which all of the designing I’ve done so far has been recorded.  It’s in this file that I’ve done all of the editing to black and white (thus far).  When I finish designing something in one of my satellite files, and I’m ready to try some stitching, I copy and paste the color symbols into the main file where they are supposed to be located in the design:

The red line in this image outlines roughly the symbols I’ll copy and paste into the main file:

Then into the main file in the proper location:

Viola!  The symbols are translated.  Next, I print out this area…  which I’m sure you’ve  noticed is really pretty small compared to the rest of the cloister scene space.  Sigh.  I feel like I’ve been working on it forever!  But that’s the way my process goes:  I struggle and work to get colors just right… but when I do, things generally move along much more quickly after that.

and I’m ready to stitch:

The cloister scene fits into the blank area.  My fingers are itching to get to it!

The moment of truth:  will the colors work, or will I be going back to the drawing board?  I’ll let you know soon!

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